Nairobi Botanica gardening Limited works with a diverse range of clients from commercial, retail, malls, hotels, banks and private residences. The Company guarantees the best advice and service of a landscape project from concept to completion.

Nairobi Botanica provides services to a diverse set of clients within the country. Our service line comprises of;

  1. Site analysis
  2. Landscape scheme design
  3. Landscape detailed design
  4. Landscape installation
  5. Landscape maintenance



Botanica grows its own plants in a plant nursery that operates under the name Garden World Limited. Garden World was formed in 2010 to provide plants for various projects that Nairobi Botanica undertakes. Garden World grows a wide variety of plant materials and is therefore in total control of the quality of plants. In stock are indigenous trees, ornamental trees, various palms trees, a wide selection of shrubs and groundcovers, rock succulents, bromeliads and potted plants amongst others. Garden World encourages its clients to visit the nursery.